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    NEC FS4620PI 18" CRT TV no picture

    Message from CRT TV owner. Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Vacation switch?

    Hi James

    It’s an old 18 inch NEC, model FS-4620PI.

    Like I say it was working until I kind of took the back off because I thought it was the power button not engaging, then my wife said about the ‘vacation switch’ on the back. Like an idiot I thought ‘on’ was for when you went on holiday not the actual on/off switch. I put it back together and makes all the right noises and has static on the screen but no picture. I twiddled the brightness, contrast etc but nothing. Well it does flash white in the corners for a second when switched on.

    I hope you can help, I really want to get it fixed. I’m willing to travel etc. Thanks James.

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    Re: NEC FS4620PI 18" CRT TV no picture

    Hi James,

    Sounds from the description that the EHT is there. I presuming the source ie freeview box is working ok? If it was me, I would turn up the A1 control on the LOPTX to see if the CRT is being scanned (should get white raster with flyback lines when A1 advanced). It could be a frame fault (maybe) or no G2 volts ??
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    Re: NEC FS4620PI 18" CRT TV no picture

    What part of the circuit does the switch connect to ?
    I do hope this set wasn't designed such that it could work in the USA and the switch is for 240/120v operation...

    I also wonder if this set has a switched 12v operation input...?
    That too could account for the vacation switch.
    (more likely since the set is still semi functional)
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